Betten Design & Staging Services

“Good Design is obvious. Great Design is transparent.”

With a 10+ years of design experience, our team understands the importance of luxury visual presentation, the desire for modernity, and how these tools act as value enhancements in any type of real estate transaction. Buyers are looking for an experience when they first enter a property, they want to feel inspired, wowed by the design and details and most importantly, to be able to visualize themselves at home. Great design plays a predominant role in these experiences and can transform the most outdated, uninspiring space into a destination from one’s dreams.

Whether you are looking to update and stage your home to command maximum profits when listing, utilizing our interior design services to help transform a home you just purchased, or investing with Betten Equities, where we use our design expertise to completely renovate a property to command the highest resale value for our investors, our design team is here to offer specialized services to help our premiere clients with any of their real estate needs.